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Technologist using Volpara Live during mammography exam


Volpara Live™ offers instant, patient-based image quality feedback for every mammography exam. Optimize compression, positioning, and reduce retakes while the patient is still in the room.

Powered by artificial intelligence

Objective, TruPGMI™ quality scores

Positioning and compression evaluation for every mammogram.

Positioning alerts for each image
Mammogram quality feedback

Refine technique during an exam

Help avoid retakes with immediate recommendations for technologists.

Personalize patient care with tailored compression information
The sweet spot

Personalized compression guidance

TruPressure™ ensures comfortable and adequate compression for every mammography patient.

Study level scoring
Patient experience

Foster confidence in care team

Visible reinforcement of your commitment to taking the highest quality mammogram—with assurance.

Product info pack

Detailed product information and data sheet.

Derry Imaging Logo

​“Volpara gives us confidence that we did the best possible job for our patients. ”

– Deborah Hamel, Quality Assurance Manager, Derry Imaging

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