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Your central, online destination to manage mammography systems, staff credentials, and professional development to support MQSA compliance.

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Let's archive those bulky binders

Making sure your breast imaging center is providing the highest-quality care is a big job for any quality assurance professional... And you probably have the binders to prove it. With Volpara® Quiver™ software, you can start reducing binders and get shelf space back.

Home Base

Central online destination to track quality assurance at all MQSA sites

Set Up Magic

Auto-populate with mammography system and technologist records from Volpara Analytics


Easy upload of CE certificates and automated mammography study volumes

Stop chasing CE credits

Managing credentials and professional development

Quiver’s digital records can be filtered by clinic and list each technologist by name, identifier, activity status, and numbers of studies taken in the past 24 months (calculated by Volpara Analytics).

From Quiver, you can do the following:

  • Check a technologist’s number of active CE credits
  • Review and approve/decline a submitted certificate
  • Upload a CE certificate on behalf of a technologist
  • Review staff mammography study volumes
  • Print staff records
  • Automatic email notifications for your technologists

From Volpara Analytics, technologists can upload their own CE records. QA technologists no longer have to run down CE credits. Instead, they’re free to focus on other tasks so your organization is always inspection ready.

Managing credentials
From purchase to retirement

Managing mammography systems

Tracking mammography system quality assurance can be a tall order, especially when working across multiple sites and states. With Quiver, you can drag and drop files for required tests, mammography system service, and subsequent physicist testing—all in Quiver’s “home base”:

  • Upload a record to a mammography system
  • Update mammography system details
  • Create new activity logs
  • Print all mammography system records
Managing mammography
Exclusively for Volpara customers

On Demand CE Credits

Your technologists can get free CE (category-A) credits through Volpara® Hive™, our online community hub.


Free up shelf space and time

With Quiver, you’ll know that your most important assets—your people and their tools—are right on target.


Volpara's Binder Reduction Act

Breast imaging has long been at the forefront of technology adoption. And yet when it comes to demonstrating compliance with MQSA—which has high stakes—mammography centers rely on stacks of binders and manual, repetitive and tiresome processes, We affectionally refer to Quiver as our ‘Binder Reduction Act’ or BRA. By leveraging our Volpara Analytics platform that customers love for automated EQUIP reports and image selection for ACR accreditation, we’re able to deliver a more complete, digital compliance experience with Quiver that can speed your audit prep and give you both peace of mind and shelf space.


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