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Our story

Volpara Health’s origins go back to our founding CEO Ralph Highnam’s breakthrough research in medical physics and artificial intelligence at the University of Oxford. Deeply affected by the loss of friends and family members to breast cancer, Ralph decided to apply his findings to breast imaging. In 2009, with his cofounders, he set up home base in Wellington, New Zealand. In this small city on the edge of the world, the Volpara journey began.

Since then, Volpara has seen tremendous growth by almost every measure. In the last three years alone, the team has quadrupled in size, its culture embracing those operating additional offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Seattle, Washington, USA. More and more customers, especially across North America, Australia, and New Zealand, can now provide personalized screening experiences to patients.

The company’s groundbreaking products now support a revolutionary new software platform. Underpinning these products are an ever-increasing number of patents, trademarks, and regulatory clearances, including FDA clearance and CE marking. The products are also validated by a volume of peer-reviewed publications unrivaled in the breast screening industry. As the number of products increased, our scope expanded to include lung cancer screening. These intertwined areas of growth led to the company’s increased revenue and financial stability. And a single constant thread runs through them all: an abiding dedication to helping save families from cancer.

Our purpose and mission

To save families from cancer by preventing advanced-stage breast cancer.



Board of Directors

Paul Reid

Paul Reid

Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director

Ralph Highnam

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
Roger Allen

Roger Allen AM

Non-Executive Director
Karin Lindgren

Karin Lindgren

Independent, Non-Executive Director

John Pavlidis

Independent, Non-Executive Director

John Diddams

Independent, Non-Executive Director

Ann Custin

Independent Non-Executive Director


Ralph Highnam

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
Craig Hadfield

Craig Hadfield

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Francis

Chief Operating Officer

Kathryn Greene

Chief People Officer

Fred Struve

General Counsel

Jill Spear

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Dave Mezzoprete

David Mezzoprete

Vice President of Global Business Development
Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson

Sr. Vice President Quality, Regulatory & Security
Penelope Gibson

Penelope Gibson

Intellectual Property Manager
Intellectual Property

Our technology and innovation is protected by intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets.

Our 100+ international patents extend to 25 countries and include: PCT/GB2010/001472, GB2474319, EP 2462561, US 9,008,382, CN 102549618; PCT/GB2011/001658, US 9,361,683, EP 2646980; PCT/GB2014/000217, EP3005298, US 9,865,067, CN2014800437596; PCT/IB/2016/056669, EP16795434, US 15/772,260, CN201680077530; PCT/IB2017/054382, EP17757879.6, US16/319,246, CN2017800448113; PCT/IB2018/054462, EP18743083.0, US16/623,346, CN2018800465753; PCT/IB2018/058663, EP18812262.5; US15/733,058; CN201880068341; CN2017800448113; PCT/IB2020/058247; PCT/IB2020/051340; GB1917309; GB1917578; GB1902184; GB1912784; GB2010219; GB2005707; GB2014649; GB2016362; GB2017851.

Our trademarks are registered in 39 countries and include: Volpara®, Matakina®, VDG ®, Enterprise®, Tempara®, MRS®, MRSQuest®, Aspen®, and CRA Health®. Other trademarks and service marks that we use include volparadensity™, volpararisk™, volparalive!™, volparadose™, volparapressure™, volparapositioning™, TruDensity™, TruPGMI™, TruPressure™, TruRadDose™, volpara analytics™, volpara scorecard™, volpara patient hub™, volpara lung™, Volpara Solutions™, Volpara Enterprise DDP™, Volpara Analytics™, Volpara Density Grade™, and Volpara Platform™.

Our software, screen displays, graphics, documentation, and other elements are protected under international copyright law and by design rights.

Our intellectual property portfolio is constantly growing. The absence of an intellectual property right from this list pending update — including a product, service name, or logo — does not constitute a waiver of any of our intellectual property rights. Please contact our Intellectual Property Manager for further information.