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Volpara Health makes software to save families from cancer. Healthcare providers use Volpara to better understand cancer risk, empower patients in personal care decisions, and guide recommendations about additional imaging, genetic testing, and other interventions. Our AI-powered image analysis enables radiologists to quantify breast tissue with precision and helps technologists produce mammograms with optimal image quality, positioning, compression, and dose. In an industry facing increasing staffing shortages, our software streamlines operations and provides key performance insights that support continuous quality improvement.


Volpara is the preferred partner of leading healthcare institutions around the world. Our software is used in over 2,000 facilities by more than 5,600 technologists, impacting nearly 15 million patients globally. It helps providers conduct more than three million cancer risk assessments each year and can be deployed stand-alone or fully integrated with electronic health record systems, mammography reporting systems, imaging hardware, and genetic laboratories. Volpara holds the most rigorous security certifications and numerous patents and regulatory registrations, including FDA clearance and CE marking.With an office in Seattle, Volpara is based in Wellington, New Zealand.


A new era in AI-powered cancer care

Volpara Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lunit Inc.

Our purpose

To save families from cancer.



Trusted by Healthcare Leaders


Teri Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director
Craig Hadfield

Craig Hadfield

Chief Financial Officer

Kathryn Greene

Chief People Officer

Fred Struve

General Counsel

Tana Isaac

Executive Vice President of Product and Technology
Dave Mezzoprete

David Mezzoprete

Vice President of Global Business Development
Intellectual Property

Our brand assets – logos, icons, designs, software, screen displays, trade dress, products, software, services, and any other brand features and elements, whether registered or unregistered – are protected by trade dress, copyright, patent and trade mark laws, and various other international intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws.


Our 130+ granted patents and patent applications in progress extend worldwide. They include: PCT/GB2010/001472, GB2474319, EP 2462561, US 9,008,382, CN 201080044509; PCT/GB2011/001658, US 9,361,683, EP 2646980; PCT/GB2014/000217, EP3005298, US 9,865,067, CN2014800437596; PCT/IB/2016/056669, EP3371774, US 10,733,724, CN201680077530; PCT/IB2017/054382, EP3488414, US10,984,528, CN2017800448113; PCT/IB2018/054462, EP18743083, US 11,246,550, CN201880046575; PCT/IB2018/058663, EP18812262; US15/733,058; CN201880068341; PCT/IB2020/058247; US 17/640,762; EP20771617, CN2020800624210; PCT/IB2020/061379, CN2020800798528, US17/782,162, EP20828311; PCT/IB2021/060509; EP21825672,18/031,850; PCT/IB2022/057460; PCT/IB2021/059286, US18/031,848, EP21801988; PCT/IB2022/053697; PCT/IB2021/056019, US18/013,514, EP2021752153, CN2021800474538; PCT/IB2021/061523; PCT/IB2022/057460; GB2308430


Our trademarks are registered in 39 countries and include: Volpara®, VDG®, Enterprise®, Tempara®, MRS®, MRSQuest®, Aspen®, CRA Health®, Predict Monitor Detect and Empower®, Analytics in Action® and Risk Pathways®. Other trade marks and service marks that we use include volparadensity™, volpararisk™, volparalive!™, volparadose™, volparapressure™, volparapositioning™, TruDensity®, TruPGMI®, TruPressure®, TruRadDose®, Analytics™, Live™, Patient Hub™, Scorecard™ and Saving families from cancer™.


Our intellectual property portfolio is constantly growing. We assert and actively enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. The absence of an intellectual property right from this list pending update does not constitute a waiver of any of our intellectual property rights. Please contact our Intellectual Property Manager for further information.

Learn more about how we're working to stomp out cancer.


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