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A perfect fit.

Unified by a commitment to use AI-driven software to save more families from cancer. The synergy between our two companies is undeniable, feeling as natural and seamless as a glove custom-made to fit a hand.  Together our technology will be a catalyst driving a healthier future.


Beyond the surface

Our deep, genuine alignment transcends simply looking good on paper: 

Scientific values

Both companies hold science in high regard. For Volpara, this dedication dates back to our founding days    

Core values and principles

Our core values and operating principles are remarkably similar, particularly our commitment to creating a progressive workplace

Open communication

Our interactions have been marked by openness and respect. We refer to our collaboration as “joining forces,” highlighting the unique strengths each company contributes. We are two well-respected brands, aligned for mutual growth

The collaboration between Volpara and Lunit marks a significant milestone in the evolution of mammography solutions. This synergistic partnership aims to redefine the standards of breast health, providing healthcare professionals with comprehensive assistance to enhance accuracy and efficiency, and ultimately improve patient outcomes

– Brandon Suh, Lunit CEO

Creating resonance: combined strengths

Building upon our foundation with multiplier opportunities that benefit the providers and patients we serve:

Geographic reach

Volpara’s extensive US experience complements Lunit’s strength in Asia to get solutions in the hands of more providers

Stable and reliable

Deep understanding of workflow and customer needs paired with a seamless contracting and support experience; and strong financials

Competitive edge

Together, we can outpace our competitors in product development and collaborative efforts

Official press release

Lunit completes acquisition of Volpara Health.

Improving cancer detection rates and alleviating the pressure on radiologist workload cannot wait. Lunit INSIGHT is significantly enhancing mammography screenings around the world, like Capio S:t Göran Hospital in Sweden, where it replaces one human reader in Europe’s double reading setting.  Lunit INSIGHT complements Volpara’s software suite perfectly. Together, we will get this essential tool in the hands of more radiologists.

– Teri Thomas, Volpara CEO

Our new partner

We’re adding Lunit INSIGHT to our offerings, so you can add AI from a stable, experienced, reliable partner you already trust, delivered within a workflow that works for you.

Volpara & Lunit CEOs Discuss the Future

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