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AI to help your mammography MQSA audit…yes, really

Lisa Johnson, Product Knowledge Specialist – Published on March 31, 2024

Welcome to the future of mammography, where artificial intelligence (AI) and technology are not just buzzwords but essential tools that are reshaping the landscape of patient care and compliance in radiology.

At Charlotte Radiology, the journey towards embracing AI and advanced technology has been both transformative and enlightening. Their story is not just about compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA); it’s about enhancing the quality of care and streamlining processes to ensure that every patient receives the best possible outcome.

This expertise and insight were the focus of : “Help my audit! Advancements in methods and tools to streamline mammography MQSA audits” This on-demand webinar features Stephanie Williams, RT(R)(M), MQSA Coordinator, Charlotte Radiology and Lisa Johnston, PhD, Product Knowledge Specialist from Volpara Health.


The main takeaways were:

Preparation is key: Audits can be daunting, but they are a critical component of maintaining high standards in mammography. Charlotte Radiology’s experience shows us that by staying organized and understanding the regulations, they’ve turned a complex process into a manageable task. Their proactive approach to building relationships with inspectors and preparing documentation has led to smoother audits and optimal outcomes.

Invest in AI: Charlotte Radiology’s adoption of AI and technology has been a game-changer. With Volpara Analytics, they’ve automated quality assessments for EQUIP and streamlined the ACR accreditation process. No more sticky notes or frantic last-minute preparations; now, they have a system that assesses image quality and organizes cases for easy access and review.

FDA Inspector Insights: Organization, personnel qualifications, and technology utilization are among the top areas where preparedness can lead to successful inspections. Stephanie’s inspector passed on the importance of having all documentation for continuing experience and education readily available. They also highlighted the need for thorough preparation of reading workstations, especially as remote readings become more prevalent. The common deficiencies often revolve around QC for mammography systems and personnel qualifications, underscoring the need for ongoing vigilance and proactive management.

While Charlotte Radiology has made significant strides in integrating technology into their workflow, they, like us, eagerly want a future where mammography compliance is even more digital and automated. It’s time to reduce binders throughout the mammography center and make the paperless, efficient and error free dream of QC leaders a reality. Let us show you our new solution Volpara Quiver at SBI 2024. Book your appointment now.