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Volpara’s latest US patent protects key features of VolparaEnterprise and VolparaLive! software

Volpara Health – Updated on June 16, 2023


• The latest US patent to be granted to Volpara protects key features of the Company’s Volpara®Enterprise™ and Volpara®Live!™ clinical system software
• Together with 96 other granted patents in the Volpara portfolio, the patent protects current and new qualitative features of Volpara’s software and the advantages it provides to clinicians and patients

Wellington, NZ, 7 April 2021: Volpara Health Technologies (“Volpara,” “the Group,” or “the Company”; ASX: VHT), a health technology software company whose integrated breast care platform assists in the delivery of personalised breast care, has been granted another patent in the United States. This latest grant protects the unique features of the Company’s VolparaEnterprise and VolparaLive! software.

Titled “System and Apparatus for Clinical Decision Optimisation” (US granted patent number US10/984528), this US grant is the latest in the international extension of the patent.

“The patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office protects key features of our current products, and the advantages that those products offer clinicians and patients,” said Volpara CEO Dr Ralph Highnam. “The patent also protects developments that Volpara will integrate into new products. It helps secure our freedom to operate and build upon our foundation patents, which are now approaching 12 years since grant.”

Volpara currently holds 96 patents across 25 countries, granted since 2009.

The Company uses a combination of intellectual property rights—patents, trade secrets, copyright, and trademarks—to ensure effective, enforceable protection of its products and to facilitate its sales and growth strategy.

VolparaEnterprise helps clinicians monitor workflow efficiency and work quality by measuring how long it takes to acquire images, how quickly patients are screened, and how effectively technologists position patients.

VolparaLive! automatically analyses patient positioning and compression and provides real-time feedback to technologists.

VolparaEnterprise and VolparaLive! work together to provide state-of-the-art workflow solutions that reduce breast care clinics’ costs and enhance their revenue opportunities, and improve diagnosis and treatment options for women who may be susceptible to breast cancer.

Authorization & Additional Information

This announcement was authorized by the CEO of Volpara Health Technologies Limited.


For further information, please contact:

Ralph Highnam, CEO
Volpara Health Technologies
t: +64 21 149 0541

Trevor Chappell
WE Communications
t: +61 407 933 437

About Volpara Health Technologies Limited (ASX: VHT)

VHT is a health technology software company founded in 2009 on research originally conducted at Oxford University. VHT’s clinical functions for screening clinics provide feedback on breast density, compression, dose, and quality, while its enterprise-wide practice-management software helps with productivity, compliance, reimbursement, and patient tracking.

VHT’s technology and services have been used by customers and/or research projects in 39 countries and are supported by numerous patents, trademarks, and regulatory clearances, including FDA clearance and CE marking. Since its listing on the ASX in April 2016, VHT has raised A$132 million, including A$37 million in April/May 2020 and has made two significant acquisitions in MRS Systems, Inc. (patient tracking software) and CRA Health LLC (risk and genetics software). VHT is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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