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Derry Imaging Installs VolparaLive! The First Quality Training System for Mammography

Volpara Health – Published on March 10, 2020

VolparaLive! Automatically Analyzes Positioning and Compression Providing Feedback to Technologists Before the Patient Leaves the Mammography Room

Wellington, NZ, March 10, 2020: Volpara Solutions today announced the clinical installation of Volpara®Live!™ at Derry Imaging in Derry, New Hampshire.

VolparaLive! is mammography’s first real-time decision support system available at the point of care. The system automatically analyzes patient positioning and compression and provides real-time feedback. Designed to help technologists acquire consistent, high-quality mammograms, VolparaLive! puts data in the technologists’ hands before the patient leaves the room. This helps optimize productivity, reduce costs through the reduction of retakes, and increase staff effectiveness.

“Mammography quality and consistency are critical to ensuring that our patients get the optimal care and follow up. Proper positioning and compression reduces false positives and false negative reads,” said Randy Tauro, MD, Radiologist at Derry Imaging. “We integrated VolparaLive! to increase our throughput with fewer callbacks and more accurate screening mammograms. VolparaLive! improves our efficiency significantly by providing instant feedback to technologists if there is improper positioning or compression.  We hope that VolparaLive! will all but eliminate these unnecessary callbacks which will have a huge impact on patient care.”

Derry Imaging Center is a full-service independent diagnostic imaging center located in Bedford, Derry, and Windham, NH, offering high-quality imaging at a fraction of the cost of hospital imaging. Derry Imaging is ACR accredited in all of the diagnostic modalities it provides. With onsite board-certified Fellowship-trained radiologists, Derry Imaging Center’s core services include: 3D Mammography, MRI (including Wide Bore), Breast MRI, Ultrasound, CT, PET/CT, X-Ray, Bone Densitometry, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology and Interventional Services.

“VolparaLive! gives the technologist instant feedback at the time of the exam and Volpara®Enterprise™ provides the ability to track their performance over time,” said Deborah Hamel, Quality Assurance Manager, Derry Imaging.  “You do not want to miss a breast cancer due to a lack of consistency. By working on our positioning techniques and producing consistent, high-quality images, we can go home at night knowing we did the best possible job for our patients, and hopefully saved a life.”

Derry Imaging implemented VolparaLive! as part of its investment in Volpara®Enterprise™ software. Volpara Enterprise is the only solution available that provides a comprehensive assessment of image quality on every mammogram and tomosynthesis exam, including positioning and compression, which the FDA attributes as the cause of most clinical image deficiencies. The software enables facilities to perform rapid quality control checks that help optimize the productivity and efficiency of imaging resources. Additionally, VolparaEnterprise software helps facilities comply with the FDA’s EQUIP initiative.

About Volpara Solutions

Volpara Solutions is the wholly owned sales and marketing arm of Volpara Health Technologies Limited of New Zealand. Available in most markets where breast cancer screening is commonplace, VolparaDensity provides an objective volumetric measure of breast density from both digital mammography and tomosynthesis data. VolparaEnterprise is a suite of quantitative breast imaging tools for personalized measurements of density, patient-specific x-ray dose, breast compression, breast positioning, and other factors designed to provide critical insight for breast imaging workflow. VolparaLive! provides technologists with real-time decision support at the point of care to assess image quality. For more information, visit

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Chris K. Joseph
Volpara Solutions