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Personalized breast screening during the COVID-19 pandemic Webinar

Senior Marketing Communications Manager – Updated on March 16, 2021

While the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus has introduced many new hurdles for imaging centers, central Florida’s Lake Medical Imaging has persisted in providing patient-focused care at their six outpatient centers. During a recent webinar hosted by Volpara Health and Ambry Genetics, Lake Medical Imaging president and managing physician Dr. Cathrine Keller explained her organization’s patient-centric approach to breast screeningAlison Hansen, one of Volpara’s breast health platform experts, provided insight into the ways technology facilitates personalized breast screening during this challenging time.

Key takeaways from the December 17 webinar:

  • When screening for breast cancer, early detection is key. Software like Volpara Enterprise ensures that consistent, high-quality images are delivered to radiologists every day so they have the best possible chance of spotting potentially cancerous growths. 
  • Monitoring image quality across multiple imaging locations can be difficult for managing physicians. In Keller’s case, Volpara lends a helping hand, providing a comprehensive view of Lake Medical Imaging’s quality metrics  such as mammogram positioning, compression, and overall image quality  as well as robust individual statistics broken down by site and technologist. 
  • According to Keller, the software has been very well-received by technologists, and has led to a tremendous improvement in mammogram quality over the past year. 
  • Lake Medical Imaging has seen a 15% increase in patients through the COVID-19 pandemic, while simultaneously improving patient education around breast density by providing objective volumetric density assessments using the Volpara software platform. The technology also allows radiologists to triage high-risk patients for additional imaging. 
  • Partnering with Ambry GeneticsLake Medical Imaging now offers hereditary risk testing and counselingfurther optimizing their screening program with even more insight into individual cancer risk. 

Lake Medical Imaging’s commitment to providing quality patient care is evident in each technological investment they’ve made. To learn more about Volpara’s breast health platform, and hear about future webinars, contact our breast screening consultants at

To watch the full webinar, click the link below.