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Volpara Solutions Showcases AI-Powered Cancer Screening Platform at RSNA

Volpara Health – Published on November 26, 2019

Clinical Decision-Support Tools Provide Radiologists Easy Access to Key Insights to Offer Women a Personalized Breast Care Plan

CHICAGO, November 26, 2019 – Volpara Solutions, Inc., will showcase its Cancer Screening Platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), at the 105th Annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting, December 1–6, 2019 (South Hall #4770). Volpara Solutions has joined forces with MRS Systems and ScreenPoint Medical to provide radiologists with the clinical decision-support tools they need to personalize breast screening for early cancer detection.

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The newly redesigned Volpara®Scorecard+™ provides radiologists with easy access to three key patient risk insights: breast density assessment, an indication of suspicious findings in the mammogram, and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. With accurate, actionable information about each patient available right from their workstation, radiologists can make an informed and timely decision about the patient’s need for supplemental imaging and/or genetic testing as part of a personalized breast care plan. Through VolparaScorecard+, radiologists will have access to these patient risk insights:

  • Breast density. Volpara®Density software relies on AI to provide radiologists with automated, objective volumetric breast density assessments and a breast density category shown to correlate to BI-RADS® 4th and 5th editions.
  • Short-term risk. Transpara software by ScreenPoint Medical helps increase radiologists’ confidence in their reading in addition to streamlining their workflow. Transpara uses AI to automatically assign each screening mammogram a score from 1 to 10. Exams with a high score are more likely to contain breast cancer. Transpara also provides Region Analysis and Perception Aid to help identify specific areas of concern in the mammogram. Studies show that using Transpara as a decision-support tool helps to increase both the sensitivity and specificity of mammography.1
  • Lifetime risk. Incorporating the Tyrer-Cuzick breast cancer risk evaluation model (TC8) directly into the screening workflow allows radiologists to further personalize screening. Volpara®Risk™ software captures patient information through a simple, easy-to-use electronic interface. VolparaRisk uses that information, along with the VolparaDensity score, to calculate a woman’s lifetime risk of developing breast cancer using the TC8 model.

“The VolparaScorecard+ is a personalized, AI-powered clinical decision platform designed to help radiologists design a personalized breast care plan for patients without disrupting their workflow,” said Monica Saini MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer, Volpara Solutions. “With the addition of Aspen® Breast, this information can be easily communicated to referring physicians, patients, and insurance providers through automatically generated letters and reports.”

Volpara will also showcase the Volpara®Live!TM system, which automatically analyzes patient positioning and compression and provides immediate feedback to technologists. Technologists can make a decision about retakes before the patient leaves the room, helping to reduce patient anxiety while increasing staff effectiveness.


About Volpara Solutions

Volpara Solutions is the wholly owned sales and marketing arm of Volpara Health Technologies Limited of New Zealand. Available in most markets where breast cancer screening is commonplace, VolparaDensity provides an objective volumetric measure of breast density from both digital mammography and tomosynthesis data. Volpara®Enterprise™ software is a suite of quantitative breast imaging tools for personalized measurements of density, patient-specific x-ray dose, breast compression, breast positioning, and other factors designed to provide critical insight for breast imaging workflow. VolparaLive! provides technologists with real-time decision support at the point of care to assess image quality. Aspen Breast is an advanced patient tracking and radiology reporting system for breast imaging. For more information, visit

BI-RADS® is a registered trademark of the American College of Radiology (ACR).

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Media Contact:
Chris K. Joseph
Volpara Solutions


1.  Rodriguez-Ruiz, et al., Detection of Breast Cancer with Mammography: Effect of an Artificial Intelligence Support System. Radiology. 2019; 290 (2): pp. 305–314