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Want to peek behind the scenes?

Whether it’s your first risk assessment or you’re expanding into genetics, Volpara understands your mammography workflow.


Collect data

Online questionnaire

Engage patients and increase completion rates with the flexibility to answer questions from anywhere and the time to find out their family history.

Calculate & understand

Find the right care plan

Access a set of up-to-date risk models and clinical guidelines to identify and stratify patients on their risk of developing breast cancer.


  • Tyrer-Cuzick 6, 7, and 8
  • Gail

Clinical guidelines:

  • ACR
  • NCCN
Calculate & understand

Seamless workflow integration

Volpara’s integration with voice recognition and PACS systems allows you to maintain your existing imaging workflow so you can keep doing what you do best — helping patients.

Communicate & recommend

Patient letters

Automating inclusion of risk information in mammography reports, patient letters and referrer summaries fosters shared decision-making, advocacy of appropriate care, and increased compliance in screening.

Follow up

Focused navigation

Do you feel like you’re juggling 100 pieces of paper and 20 phone calls and worried that patient X didn’t turn up today? Let us help with worklists and reports to ease patient management across your care pathways.

Plus, extra features that actually take the pain away.

Less admin, more dialogue

Easy scan of new medical history

Shift conversations between staff and patients from data collection to understanding and awareness of changes in history.

Reduce the mental load

Focus on the flags

Alerts for guideline-driven recommendations allow you to focus on the patient’s care path instead of trying to recall the high-risk thresholds.

Create trust with transparency

Explaining cancer risk

To elicit confidence from your patients and providers, Volpara breaks down TC8 scores to the exact factors driving the number.

Features for your high-risk providers

Integrated tools to power your high-risk clinic

From pre-filed genetic test order forms, options to connect to genetic counseling and a robust pedigree tool with risk models for other major cancers – your high-risk team can use the Patient Hub + Risk Pathways tools to better co-ordinate patient care.

Get in contact today to talk about your goals

Support for every stage of your risk program

Our team of experienced professionals previously managed their own programs.  This real-world experience can help develop, execute and launch your strategy; optimize and expand your program with best practices; and help you avoid pitfalls.

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