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Risk assessment made easier with Volpara Scorecard

Individualised risk assessment is evolving, and demand is growing as more high risk patients receive breast MRI screening. To meet this demand, you need a tool that’s objective, consistent, and easy for you and your providers to use.

Volpara Scorecard has been updated to do just that,  with clear breast density inputs to the most recognised risk model, Tyrer-Cuzick version 8 (TC8).

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Watch this short video on the value of adding breast density to your risk assessment

The key improvement that Volpara brings to density reporting is an objective, reproducible density value that can be used in risk assessment models. These models are increasingly used to determine if a woman qualifies for MRI-based screening, and also to decide if the risk is high enough to warrant preventive therapy to reduce risk.

– Professor Jack Cuzick, developer of TC8

Download materials here:

TC8 Guide

Read more on the TC8 risk model and how it can help you personalize care for your patients.

Scorecard Brochure

Learn more about Volpara Scorecard and the benefits it can provide to your facility.

Additional Educational and Marketing Tools

Download materials to further educate your patients and referring physicians on breast density.

Patient brochures

Access editable PDFs to customize your patient brochures.

Clinic & referrer education resources

Request access to information sheets on risk assessment and the roles necessary for personalized breast screening.

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