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What’s included in the Volpara Thumbnail module?

Two non-diagnostic mammogram images from your exam – one of each breast


Your percentage of breast tissue that is dense


Reference images to show where your breast density falls within the BI-RADS a, b, c, d categories. Arrow indicates where your density sits within the range for that category on a continuous scale


Link and QR code to an educational website for additional  learning about breast density


Only patients with a normal result will receive the Volpara Thumbnail, otherwise you will receive a phone call from your doctor.

Knowledge is power

Dense breast risks

  • Breast density has been identified as the most common risk factor for breast cancer.¹
  • Women with dense breats may be 4-6x more likely to get breast cancer.²
  • Up to fifty percent of women have dense breast tissue.³
  • Dense tissue can both appear white on a mammogram, which can hide cancer.¹
Spotlighting breast density

Inform and Educate

Learn more about breast density on this interactive website that provides more detail on density categories, why breast density is important and some topics to discuss with your doctor.

Click to view the full version of a mammography letter with Volpara Thumbnail.


Ask your mammography provider if they offer the Volpara Thumbnail module at your next mammogram appointment.

Contact us to provide us feedback about Volpara Thumbnail for mammography result letters.

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