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Volpara Health enters into Scheme Implementation Agreement with Lunit Inc. 

Breast cancer awareness

In our cancer risk assessment era

These marketing materials are available for your use to build awareness of the rise in breast cancer in women under 40. The fun approach highlights that medical societies recommend risk assessment at age 25 so that more people can get on the right path to prevention or catching their cancers earlier.

Ideal for use in campaigns for:

  • Breast cancer awareness month
  • Women’s health month
  • Health & wellness fairs
  • Taylor Swift tour stops

When young people demand breast cancer risk assessment as part of their passage from childhood to adulthood, far fewer will suffer from late-stage cancer.



Download materials

Waiting room poster

Educate and inform your patients with content designed to intrigue and empower.

Educational video

An informational video for patients on breast density, risk assessment, and genetic testing.

Social media materials

A collection of a dozen images & corresponding copy for your organization's Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn or Instagram posts.


A visual for embedding in Web pages or blog posts to make the content more dynamic.

Patient education Webpage QR Code

An easy QR code to direct people to an educational Webpage and video.

Relevant media articles


Cancer among younger Americans is on the rise, new study shows

Some of the biggest increases were seen in women and in younger people diagnosed with gastrointestinal and breast cancers

Health - Cancer

More women under 40 are being diagnosed with breast cancer.

What to know about the potential reasons and risks.

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