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New Breast Surgery and Density White Paper Available

Volpara Health – Updated on March 22, 2021

We are very excited to share our newest white paper, Improved Surgical Outcomes and Breast Implant Selection, Application of Automated Volumetric Breast Measurements, authored by Drs. Monica Saini and Ariane Chan. This white paper highlights how the Volpara®Density™ clinical application provides automated, objective volumetric measurement of breast tissue from mammograms to:

  • Support cosmetic surgical outcome prediction in breast conservation treatment
  • Guide implant selection for breast-reconstructive surgeries and nipple-sparing mastectomy
  • Provide guidance for contralateral breast augmentation
  • Aid in predicting recurrence and survival

The only known clinical studies that associate automated volumetric breast density measurements with surgical outcomes and implant selection were performed with VolparaDensity software. As VolparaDensity software operates on presurgical mammograms, surgeons now have a repeatable, objective measure of the breast tissue before procedure planning or surgery begins.

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About VolparaDensity Software

VolparaDensity software automatically assesses the physical composition of the breast. Its volumetric breast density measure has been shown to correlate with both BI-RADS Atlas 5th Edition and the risks of developing breast cancer. Validated in more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, VolparaDensity software is the leading automated breast density assessment software used in clinical research and routine breast cancer screening.

To learn more about VolparaDensity software and the full suite of Volpara’s breast imaging analytics products, request a demo today.