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Volpara Health Showcases Enhancements to Its Integrated Breast Health Platform at SBI

Volpara Health – Published on May 12, 2022

Industry Leading AI-powered Breast Health Platform Optimizes Breast Cancer Screening, Reporting and Cancer Risk Assessment to Save Families from Cancer

SEATTLE, May 12, 2022 – Volpara Health (ASX: VHT) will showcase new and updated products for its integrated platform for the delivery of personalized breast care at the SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium 2022, in Savannah, GA, May 16-19 (Booth #209).

Volpara’s AI-driven breast software tools provide mammography quality and reporting, volumetric breast density measurements, and cancer risk assessment. The tools empower clinicians to provide a high-quality, optimized, and personalized cancer screening experience. Providing a smooth, integrated IT workflow, the software offerings range from enterprise-wide, objective quality analytics to cancer risk assessment for individual women and are aligned with all major US guidelines.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Volpara SBI 2022.

Earlier Identification and Management of High-Risk Patients

Mammography remains the gold standard for the early detection of breast cancer. However, millions of women are impacted by breast cancer every year, with more than 680,000 deaths worldwide.  Medical societies including NCCN, ACR, SBIT, SBI and ASBrS, are recommending a shift from age-based screening to risk-stratified screening programs that aim to provide women the right test at the right time, leading to earlier cancer detection that is critical to reducing treatment costs and increasing the chances of survival.

Volpara will showcase to SBI attendees their new Volpara Risk Pathways™ software, which enables clinicians to leverage existing clinical workflows to identify, manage and track high-risk patients who may benefit from intervention. Using patient data available via mammography reporting systems or EHRs, this market-leading breast cancer risk assessment software, which is currently used to perform more than 2 million risk assessments every year, helps clinicians make better informed decisions for triaging patients to supplemental imaging and/or genetic testing based on their individual risk profile.

New Training and Recognition Program for Exam Quality and Clinical Improvements

Optimizing mammography exam quality is crucial for cancer detection. Volpara Analytics™ software provides automated and objective assessment of image quality on every mammogram and provides technologists with performance feedback. The updated version of Volpara Analytics (v3.0) software includes improved reporting, analysis and workflow features.

At SBI, Volpara will showcase its new Analytics in Action™ program to help breast imaging centers create a culture of learning and continuous quality improvement driven by objective data. Designed exclusively for customers of Volpara Analytics software, the program offers onsite personalized training from leading mammography education provider, Mammography Educators. In addition to hands-on training with technologists to help reinforce positive performance; the program also features a manager toolkit of recognition resources that encourage and recognize staff; and provide access to meaningful rewards from the online gifting platform to celebrate quality excellence.

“The Analytics in Action program is designed to help deliver high-quality, personalized breast cancer screening by improving image quality, reducing errors, and increasing proficiency and efficiency. We are excited for our partnership with Volpara to deliver hands-on, personalized training sessions designed not only to help address common positioning performance issues but also to create a culture of quality and continuous improvement that ultimately, will result in better screening and better patient care,” said Louise Miller, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT), CRT, FSBI, FNCBC, Director of Education and co-founder of Mammography Educators.

At the SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium, Miller will present “The Impact of Technologist Positioning Training as Measured by Artificial Intelligence,” during the e-Poster Gallery. The poster will showcase the implementation of the Analytics in Action program at a community breast center in Florida. Results include improvement in mammographic image quality following technologist training as well as enhanced tracking of changes in image quality using objective, real-time evaluation tools.

Empowering Women in Shared-Decision Making with Providers

Improvements to Volpara’s Patient HubTM mammography reporting system include enhanced mammography report letters to improve education for patients. The Volpara Density ProfileTM section enables breast centers to include two mammogram images from the exam, the percentage of breast density, and a link to a Volpara consumer-facing website for more information about breast density. Women have, for years received text-heavy follow-up letters after mammography with potentially critical information buried in lengthy text. Millions of women comply with their annual screening, yet they have never seen what their breasts look like in their actual mammogram. The addition of non-diagnostic thumbnail images from the woman’s own mammogram will make it easier to grasp the important concept of breast composition and tissue density, empowering women to better understand their breast health.

Focused on the Future

Volpara recently announced a change in leadership with founder Ralph Highnam moving to Chief Scientist and Innovation Officer, and Teri Thomas, former Epic executive, being appointed CEO.

I am thrilled to lead Volpara into a new era of growth,” said Teri Thomas, CEO, Volpara Health. “Accelerating our ability to save more families from cancer requires an unrivalled focus on our customer’s success, innovations and reaching more patients. There’s never been a more exciting time for Volpara.”

“We believe our approach to improving breast imaging is one that clinicians can trust due to years of robust results in clinical practice. Volpara delivers products that optimize breast screening quality and workflow, enable personalized care and empowered women,” said Ralph Highnam, Ph.D., Chief Science & Innovation Officer, Volpara Health.


About Volpara

Volpara provides an advanced AI software platform that works with a healthcare provider’s expertise to enable a high-quality, optimized, and personalized cancer screening experience. From the time a patient enters a clinic to the moment they obtain key results, the Volpara Breast Health Platform collects and analyzes information to better understand a patient’s breast cancer risk, while also objectively evaluating image quality and workflow-improvement opportunities. These capabilities are being extended to lung cancer screening. The Volpara Breast Health Platform is supported by numerous patents, trademarks, and regulatory registrations, including FDA clearance and CE marking, and is validated by a volume of peer-reviewed publications unrivalled in the breast health industry. For more information, visit

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