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Volpara TruDensity®

TruDensity volumetric breast density measurements PLUS a breast density category for a more objective and consistent assessment2


Volpara Risk™ and TruDensity

Tyrer-Cuzick version 8 risk model to calculate lifetime risk of developing breast cancer3


Transpara™ by ScreenPoint Medical and TruDensity

Uses machine learning to categorize mammograms by the likelihood of the presence of cancerous lesions4


iCAD and TruDensity

Provides iCAD Case Score alongside Volpara TruDensity volumetric breast density and breast density category


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3. Terry, M.B. et al. 10-year performance of four models of breast cancer risk: a validation study. Lancet Oncol 20, 504–517 (2019).
4. Rodriguez-Ruiz, et al., Can we reduce the workload of mammographic screening by automatic identification of normal exams with artificial intelligence? A feasibility study. Eur Radiology. 2019; 29(9): pp 4825–4832