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"Working for Volpara can be a life changing job experience. It has offered me more insight into a field I was passionate about, and it has given me the flexibility to work remotely and be available for my family."

— Jennifer G., Product On-Boarding & Clinical Specialist, US

Jennifer Grotzinger – new

"As the appointed mascot for Volpara, my role is to help our team stomp out cancer and be a reminder to take joy in our work and the value Volpara brings to the world."

— Kiko, the blue-footed booby

Kiko headshot (2)

"My team is a dedicated group of women focused on our mission. They are an innovative, dedicated, and fun-loving group."

— Teresa L., Head of Customer Training, US

Teresa Lombardi

"I really like the people at Volpara. They represent many different backgrounds and they are super smart in different areas."

— Michelle C., Applications Specialist in Customer Success, US

Michelle Sherrell

"I have the opportunity to help my customers with their passionate goals of early detection and saving lives."

— Scott M., Senior Sales Director, US

Scott McCloskey

"I loved the idea of working from home and for a company that has a great cause."

— Renee C., Customer Support Specialist, US

Renee Caruso

"I’ve worked in many organizations and Volpara is by far the best in terms of challenging work, cutting edge technology, and awesome people with lots of diversity."

— Livi A., Head of Software Quality Assurance, NZ

Livi Ah Hoi (1)

"I have a science background, so the science behind the company, and the mission to save families from breast cancer drew me in."

— Penny W., Software Engineer, NZ

Penny Williamson