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The Optimal Resources for Breast Care (2024 Standards) specify that an NAPBC accredited site must perform a risk evaluation at the time of breast screening or diagnosis.

Conduct a risk assessment in any patient encounter

Volpara Risk Pathways® helps multidisciplinary breast centers identify high-risk patients without leaving their EHR:

  • Patient surveys can be completed at home or in the clinic to measure lifetime and hereditary risk
  • Technologists can easily review and update patient history at any time
  • Physicians can review risk factors, last calculate and recalculate if needed

Ensure high-risk protocols are defined and monitored

Once patients have been identified at high-risk due to breast tissue, lesions, lifestyle or family history, Volpara Risk Pathways helps you:

  • Autopopulate letters, mammography reports and referrer summaries high-risk protocols
  • Flag risk status and trigger follow-up in the patient medical record
  • Build registries, dashboards and worklists to inform the Multidisciplinary Care Conference

Maintain Epic as your source of truth

Let’s talk about to use your existing workflow / data flow for NAPBC compliance.