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The new 2024 Standards from the American College of Surgeons “National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)” shift to more personalized care delivery.

What you need to know

2024 Standards Overview

Compliance measures

The 2024 standards feature extensive revisions with an emphasis on providing value-based care with multidisciplinary support. Volpara software and services uniquely support breast centers with the new measures found in Chapter 5.

Implementation Date

January 1, 2024 compliance

All NAPBC-accredited programs are required to come into compliance with the new standards no later than January 1, 2024. Volpara can help you audit your program's alignment with the new measures and position you for success in your next site visit.

The site reviewer will evaluate pre-selected medical records to confirm compliance with this standard.

– Optimal Resources for Breast Care (2024 Standards)

Let Volpara help you:

  • Assess the risk of every mammography patient
  • Consider genetic testing for those at high-risk
  • Inform / educate patients about breast density and risk
  • Ensure documentation in the patient record

Software for NAPBC sites

Volpara Risk Pathways®

NAPBC, ACR, SBI, NCCN and ASBrS all recommend cancer risk assessment to guide high-risk protocols.

Volpara Enterprise is now Volpara Analytics. Mammography Software Using Automated Metrics

Volpara Analytics™

Overcome staff shortages, workload burdens with AI image analysis to speed compliance and optimize training.

Volpara Scorecard

Volpara Scorecard™

Measure breast density automatically, objectively and volumetrically for imaging access and more precise risk assessment.

Professional services to accelerate success

Support for your NAPBC breast center

Our team of experienced professionals previously managed their own programs.  This real-world experience can help launch your strategy; optimize and expand your program; and help you avoid pitfalls.

Professional Services clear

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