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100 m+

Mammography and tomosynthesis images deidentified and evaluated in Volpara's cloud

16.5 m+

Women have had their breast density and fibroglandular tissue assessed by Volpara


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Early detection

What our clinical functions do


Calculates volumetric breast density, fibroglandular tissue volume, and breast volume, to assign a Volpara Density Grade™ (VDG®). This score is used by healthcare professionals to evaluate breast density and is validated in the Tyrer-Cuzick 8 risk model — for objective, precise, and consistent assessment.


Computes the compression pressure applied to the breast of each patient. Unlike the compression force that technologists are familiar with, pressure is used to help technologists better understand the patient experience, evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the mammogram, and understand optimal breast compression.


Uses artificial intelligence to automatically and objectively assess the positioning of the patient and resulting image quality. Technologists and others can use this information to further develop their positioning skills.


Determines the patient-based x-ray dose with a model that incorporates the woman’s specific volumetric breast density and fibroglandular tissue. This can be used by healthcare professionals as a quality assurance metric. 


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