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#1 AI tool for automated breast density

Meet Volpara Scorecard.

The objective TruDensity® algorithm in Volpara® Scorecard™ is proven to reduce reader variability.

TruDensity automatically assesses the volumetric breast density percentage (VBD%) of each mammogram on a continuous scale—whether a patient’s density is a “high B” or a “low C”—to evaluate everyone on the dense, non-dense threshold more precisely.

Make the right call

Patients on the border

Nearly 75% of patients will be assessed in either the B or C density categories.

Remove subjectivity

Visual assessment has variability

Research has shown that radiologists who assess breast density visually assign density categories inconsistently. In a blind study, two experts agreed on a BI-RADS density category about 65% of the time.

Careful review of mammogram results letter
  • We have found Volpara to decrease inter- and intra-observer variation in breast density determination, thereby optimizing the care of our patients.

    – Dr. Kathy Schilling, Lynn Women’s Health Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Baptist Health

  • We have 12 radiologists and needed to take subjectivity out of our density reading because when patients come back next year, they will most likely have a different radiologist. We wanted consistency. Volpara was the clear choice and the radiologists have come to rely on it.

    – Diana Iglewski, Southtowns Radiology

Volpara Scorecard by the numbers

16.5 m+

women annually have had their breast density assessed by Volpara's software

The only

breast density assessment validated for use with the TC8 risk model


peer-reviewed papers and research abstracts featuring Volpara


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